“You may remember South African dance act Qkumba Zoo. Well, they storm back this month with a brand new album. There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is their sound hasn’t changed or evolved in the slightest since the ‘90’s, the good news is their sound hasn’t changed or evolved in the slightest since the ‘90’s!

Now is the prefect time for Qkumba Zoo to strike while the iron is hot. With the current resurgence of interest in ‘90’s dance music and the creeping of ‘90’s dance sounds and production techniques into contemporary club records, Qkumba Zoo’s new album, ‘LetTheLightIn’, sounds pleasingly nostalgic. The big 909 beats, occasional breaks and layered floaty vocals that run throughout the record feel almost retro these days. It’s vocalist Levannah that really drives this album, her effortless sliding, between the chanted and the ethereal, weaves an audio narrative  that is surprisingly involving, and if you can get into the ‘90’s groove then the album is a good experience. If you’ve been chilling in the sun this summer, busting out the old Orbital or Opus III as the ‘90’s revival hits full swing, then this album will be right up your alley.”

Posted by Crash at Electronic Rumours, September 4 2011

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  1. Hi Owl

    Just to let you know we did a blurb on you on our Music Blog.

    You can read the post here:

    I am sure you will remember about us chatting about interviewing you guys on community radio in Scotland a while back…

    Our community radio station licence was awarded last year here in Scotland and we will commence broadcasting this year.

    Sorry things take so long here …. but seriously African time is really fast compared to Island Time!!

    Keep up your awesomeness!
    REE ( (Trish & Phil’s sister)

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