Please check out this song and tell all your friends about it.

The Price of Freedom, which can be found here

(May 2011)

8 responses to “Owl

  1. I will be waiting too…I have the cd single of Cloud eyes….

    Touching song…helped me through a B A D time.


  2. Hi Qcumba Zoo,

    I would like to buy every song you released after BIG. BIG is the only album I own at this stage and was most probebly one of the first inline to buy it back then.
    Is this request possible, even after all this years when I want to feel absolute tranquility I grab my iPod and put BIG on repeat.
    Thanx and I really love your work.

    • I am a loonie tune, the albums name is Wake up and Dream, sorry about that, I still want all of your music, please, pretty please.

    • Hi Johnny.

      Thanks so much for staying in touch. To be honest we no longer have copies of Wake Up and Dream for sale. Arista, in their wisdom, stopped selling the album years ago. I am going to work on a way to get the music to you though.

      Watch this space


  3. Hey, looking for a track you remixed or worked on called Atomique? by an artist known as Chromogene. any way had the album lost it, loved the song cannot find it anywhere.

  4. Andre van Zuydam

    Have you guys thought about getting involved with Simfy ? http://simfy.co.za
    I would love to see you stuff on this music service. Also if you need help with your Word Press site, please let me know, heads up , keep the word press up to date or it gets hacked.

  5. Hi Owl,

    How are you?
    I’ve been trying to get in touch for a long time!
    I’m living in the USA now!
    Please feel free to drop me an email!


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