Qkumba Zoo is the brain child of Owl and Levannah, natives of Johannesburg, South Africa, who birthed their musical adventure in 1994 on a single keyboard and big dreams. They were picked up by David Gresham records, the largest independent record label in South Africa at the time, who shepherded them through the recording of their first album “Wake Up & Dream” and towards Arista under the watchful eye of Clive Davis. “The Child (Inside)” was released at the end of 1996 worldwide on the Arista label and went to the top of the Billboard dance charts  and South African charts, and reached 69 on the Billboard hot 100.

They released a second album in 2001: “Butterfly Peepl”, which was re-released by Sovereign Records in the USA in 2011 with updated masters as “Letthelightin”. Cutting a long story very short 2017 finds them perhaps a little wiser, definitely more reclusive, but still wanting to indulge in their creativity by releasing the occasional song that hopefully others will enjoy.

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  1. Ho folks. I was feeling nostalgia for Wake Up and Dream so i wandered to Spotify. What to my wondering eyes should appear but a second LP ! For years i have remembered a webpage that said you folks cut a second LP, found it to be feeling like a rehash of the first, and then destroyed it ! I can no longer find this reference and now see a second lp and also a newer ep !! I think i shall shed actual tears when i hear them, thinking all these years that there could be no new sounds. I am floored at this revelation ! David in Omaha Nebraska USA.

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks very much for your kind words. Yes we do indeed have second album out called “Letthelightin”. I know our discography can be a little confusing in terms of how they fit together and when they were released so I plan to write an article to try and clear that up. But, in the meantime, I hope you are enjoying listening to the albums on Spotify.



  2. Hi. I was at the Qcumba Zoo / Erasure concert in Cape Town and got my cd autographed by the band from Owl after your performance. Unfortunately the cd was damaged in a fire and I haven’t been able to find any other cd, nor your 2nd album. What happened? Where can I get your albums? Regards Ryan

    • Hey Ryan.

      Thanks for your query. I remember that concert, indeed. Opening for Erasure was a highlight of outs :). Unfortunately Arista deleted Qkumba Zoo from their roster and the album is not available via CD or online. We will, however, be re-releasing it ourselves online very soon. Keep an eye on the page. Thanks!



  3. Hey,

    Always been a fan! Permanent place amongst my old time favorites.

    Who do I conract regarding the rights etc to the music on ‘Wake up and Dream’

    We formed a collective of artists and artisans and will be showcasing the best in SA. Nostalgia is the 1st theme and your music is synonymous with 90’s cool in SA.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    • Hi Riaan. We have had real problems with the rights on Wake Up and Dream, with confusion around our old record label (Arista), which now no longer exists. We will be re-releasing it ourselves soon. As far as I am concerned we would be open to letting you use the music. Perhaps you say more about the specifics of how you want to use it…? Thanks!



  4. Love your music. I know owl has a new band but what is levannah up to these days?

    • Hi Sam. Thanks for listening!! We are actually planning on releasing a new song in the near future. Will keep you posted

  5. Found the CD single to Cloud Eyes among my CD collection…It came out after I had left the army after a national service stint. It touched me in a way I couldn’t describe.

    After a search on youtube I saw the video, and after poking about, found this website. I was shocked to read of Taziki’s suicide (I’m bipolar myself).

    Whenever I feel down I play your music…reminds me life is pure and to be lived graciously.

    Nick Groves

    • Hi Nick. Thanks so much for your kind words. Whilst Qkumba Zoo is no longer in the limelight, it certainly means something to us that our music still touches souls. Carry on living graciously 🙂

  6. Hello. I would like to know if you are up for festival performance. 1-3 Nov 2013. Mpumalanga

    • Hi Coenraad

      Qkumba Zoo cant play, unfortunately. But my new band, SHYNE, can. I will contact regarding this.



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