New single on the horizon!

Qkumba Zoo are very happy to announce that the band will be releasing a new single very shortly. We can confirm that the song is called: “Unicorns” 🙂

Qkumba Zoo releases new single and EP: Butterflies (Out of Time)

“Butterflies (Out of Time)” is available here: Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Bandcamp.

Qkumba Zoo have surfaced from hibernation to release their first new songs in over 15 years. Best known for the 1996 hit “The Child (Inside)” – which reached number one on the Billboard dance charts in 1996 and later became known as “that Sea World song” in the early 2000’s – they decided that it’s time to stretch their wings again.

Speaking of stretching wings it is apt that the title of the new single is “Butterflies (Out of Time)”. The song is a punchy reminder that life is short, and mashes together dance, acoustic rock, African hi-life plus a touch of classical, providing a bed for Levannah’s inspired lyrics and floating vocals. Included in the EP is “Flicker”, a  reply to the opening track that love echoes on when the dance of life is done; and a remix of “Butterflies (Out of Time)” by Defective Sounds of London.

As a band Qkumba Zoo has always been a fan of others putting a twist on their original tracks – note that the Junior Vasquez remix on “The Child (Inside)” helped it reached the number one spot on the dance charts – and so we are super amped to have a deep trancey spin on “Butterflies (Out of Time)” by Defective Sounds of London.

“Butterflies (Out of Time)” is available here: Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Bandcamp.

We trust you will enjoy and share it.

Defective Sounds of London (DSOL) is an electronic project from musician and visual artist Michel Moalem. With an Israeli, French and Moroccan musical backgrounds and deep in the current London electronic vibe he has been producing music and film for the last 20 years. Working under several and very different projects like Beat Driven Insomnia and Hard N Low his output spans musical genres regardless of their definitions or expectations. One can hear the multi-cultural blend of beats and melodies in his style, a sound that attracted Qkumba Zoo to work with him.

Owl gets interviewed on “5FM Legends”

Hi all, Owl was interviewed on 5FM legends on January 8 2017 by DJ Mixi. It was a lot of fun. He said it started out a bit nerve wracking (especially considering it was his first interview in… long time (lets just leave it there, right)), but he quickly warmed up to it. Topics ranged from South African music, song writing and a few stories from the early days. Hope you enjoy

Owl’s interview on 5FM

New Q&A page added

We understand that there might be questions you have for the band so we have added a new Q&A page…

We promise to ease out of lazy musician mode every so often and provide answers where we can :). First question: “Where does the name come from?” already posted

Qkumba Zoo releases albums online

Hi all. FINALLY! After many years of having to wait out contracts and deal with ownership rights etc, Qkumba Zoo is able to put our stuff up online. So, for those who have lost CD’s or don’t have our albums please take a look, and tell your friends about it 🙂 To help you get started I will be posting a few links to Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. There has been confusion in some quarters about our albums – what belongs where, why the different versions etc, so I will actually be posting a few notes on this soon. But anyways, thanks to y’all for your support these years. Cheers Owl

Letthelightin on Spotify
Wake up and Dream on Spotify

On iTunes a search on Qkumba Zoo will easily find the albums

Letthelightin on Amazon

Qkumba Zoo gets involved with Create50

Create50 is an organisation that facilitates “crowd produced” movies, where 50 two-minute shorts are woven together into a full-length feature. These 50 shorts are the end result of a competition to find the 50 best scripts out of thousands submitted, and then the 50 best movies made on those scripts. They have already released one movie called 50 Kisses, and are currently in the production stages for others.

Levannah and Owl decided to put some music together for directors to hopefully pick up on. These songs are stripped down acoustic tunes that fit with the general vibe of the movie. We are holding thumbs that directs will want to use one of these pieces in their short. For more on the movie click here.

The songs we submitted are below. Let us know what you think.


Spam user / legit user mix up

Hi all

I recently cleaned up and updated our web page, including getting rid of the more than 3000 spam user registrations. In so doing I inadvertently deleted legitimate users who have registered on this site. First up, my sincerest apologies for the mix up, I obviously did not correctly use the plugin I was using to do the cleanup. Secondly, therefore please be so kind as to re-register if you would like to comment / ask questions.









Digital Downloads

Qkumba Zoo is very pleased to announce that the album “Letthelightin” is now available for purchase as a digital download via Bandcamp.

For those who dont know, bandcamp is a popular music portal for original music. Payment is handled by Paypal, which makes it easily accessible and convenient the world over. We are excited about the new opportunities this opens up for the band.

Please also remember to pop into our forum, where you can interact with us.

New video page is up

Hi all, we have recently started a video page on this site. You can find links to our official videos plus a couple of fan mashups. If you would like to get creative on the mashup front, let us know and we will link to your efforts.